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N�rodn� 1961, 900 02 Modra 2

The company "ZMOP" was established in 1990 by Mr. Frantisek Varecha, who has been the owner up to now.Staff of this company has a long-time practice in the production sphere and in the sphere of assembly of technological mechanisms for cement Industry, gravelsand-pits and stone-pits.

The center of concern is mainly:

Production and assembly of:
 - steel construction of technological completions
 - steel construction of industrial halls
 - steel construction of pipe energetic and conveying bridges
 - steel construction of containers and forces

Reinstatement and service of:
 - technical machinery
 - crane and crane slay

Delivery and assembly of technological mechanisms of:
 - conveyer belts
 - conveyer scrolls
 - conveyer pneucanals
 - pipe disributions
 - filter systems

Removal works, special mountings and engineering works:
 - according to individual customer�s demands

Disposal of:
 - emegency failures in non-stop services

The Firm disposes of:
 - qualified fitters and welders having certificate in all kinds of welding works, corresponding manufacturing and assembly mechanisms and implements.

Other references:
 - delivery and installation of steel bins of sinter 1000 m3 of volume at Holcim, Inc., Slovakia,
 - delivery and installation of regulation station of natural gas and pipe distribution for Baumit Rohoznik,
- delivery and installation of steel constructions of grillage tank of melting aggregate at LR Crystal Inc. Lednicke Rovne,
- delivery and installation of steel constructions of cable bridges at Slovnaft Bratislava,
- complete technology of " sulphur production " installation at Slovnaft Bratislava,
- installation of reaction transport of glass base including installation of foreign technology at Skloplast Trnava,
- reconstruction of assorting line of ALAS SLOVAKIA in Pust� U�any,
- reparation and rebuilding of produkction line of ALAS SLOVAKIA in Ve�k� Cet�n,
- assembly and introduction of hydraulic press into service for German company Fibron Syst�m L.c.,
- print�s ink technology assembly including boiler for Stehling Hostag Lachen,
- compression rustless bins production for RHE Sant Augustin - Germany,
- installation of technological mechanism for chalk processing for Mobetex - Swiss company in Russia,
- hangar installation at the airport Anadyr - Chukotka.

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